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December 11, 2011
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Song Birds and Magpies 01
By Gundamzero and Pureheart-169

Zygy was walking with exaggerated strides next to his guardian. The giant of a man was happily letting him do as he pleased. This was his first real trip to Cruix and he was a little more than excited to be off the shuttle and exploring. The City stood taller than any building on Tenive, and the amount of people alone was something to be excited about. He glanced at Vladen, before slowing his pace to let Vladen get ahead. Once he was sure he could get away...

"Zyhy?" Vladen had turned and was frowning, watching the boys stance. He knew what the boy wanted.

"Please! When is the next time I'll get a chance like this!!" He begged, knowing he had already won with his innocent look.

"... Cal to chec in ofen." Vladen nodded to his adopted son.

Zygy was off like a bolt, carefully dodging between people.

He was some forty five minutes into his adventure when he sensed something. Vlasa had taken the time to train him how to sense others of his kid at a young age, thinking it important as he could use it to find him or Enaev if he had needed to. He had never needed it in the end, but now... he had a ping. Another of his race was in the area. He came to a stop thinking, not sure what he should do. What if this Memitim was not like the rest he had met so far?

He'd find out shortly!

With no plan in mind he jogged off towards the feeling, soon finding himself in a park area. He slowed to investigate the trees, not used to so much green. The trees could wait though; they were not going to walk off. "Hope you like surprises buddy" he grinned to himself dropping into stealth mode. He wanted to have a look first, than he'd know how to act. That in mind he moved forward in caution, trying to see who...

Ryo was sprawled on a bench, long limbs stretched out. He was still getting used to being so freaking tall... He smiled as children darted around him, watching over the younger ones fondly. His father was off grocery shopping, as his mother was sick currently. So he'd been left in the park, not that he minded.

It was peaceful here.

Absently humming to himself, he twiddled with his hair, thinking. Livet was off with Dodan somewhere, and Kouki was reading (when was he not). He had nothing to do today, it would seem...sighing, he tilted his head up to the sun, smiling as it warmed him.

Zygy watched the blue haired boy from the bushes. He seemed... safe enough. And if he wasn't Zygy was sure he could take him. But how to go about it? He could just walk over and say hello, but who actually did that type of thing? Call him from over here? No that would make him seem nervous when he really wasn't at all. Well... that left walking over and just saying hi. Easy enough, even if it was completely Lame.

He walked over calmly, getting behind the park Bench; and proceeded to say hello.

"Hi! I'm Zygy!" He all but yelled, leaning over the back of the Bench so he was no more than a few inches from the other Boys face.

He had high hopes, the guy looked cool enough with his electric blue hair!

It was that quick. One minute he was staring up at the clouds, the next a very bright face was hovering over his, grinning. And practically yelling in his face. So of course, Ryo reacted in the only way his body knew how.

He flinched, nearly slamming his forehead into the boy's head.

After a moment of sitting rigid, staring up at the other boy, he realized that he was like him - the boy's orange and red eyes were black backed. He was like Ryo. He tucked his hair back nervously, wide-eyed. "H-Hello...Zy-gy?" He sounded out the name, flushing lightly. "I'm R-Ryo. Ryomaru T-Taraji." He shifted to get out from his awkward position, sitting up straight to study the newcomer shyly. Who was he? He'd never seen him before...copper hair, he was sure he'd remember...

Well that had not been exactly what he was hoping for, but Stuttering Stanly would have to do. "Oh! so we're doing full name? Well Ryo let me try again!" Zygy happy climbed to sit on the back of the Bench, not taking any consideration for personal space. He assumed that this guy was probably similar to Enaev, didn't like surprises; but very good at adjusting. "I'm Zygfryd Chalcedony, and I sure you now understand why I'm called Zygy." He grinned.

He had no intent to let the other boy leave, not when he suspected that they were a bit closer in age then he was to other Memitim. Surely the guy would understand right? Well once he calmed down anyway!

He shied away from the boy, eyes darkening slightly as the boy touched him - he didn't like it, not with a new person. Once he'd edged away, he gave a shy smile and tilted his head to look up at him. "Z-Zygfryd...Chalcedony. I've heard th-that last name b-before..." He tilted his head, than nodded. "Well, n-nice to meet you, Zygy."

It occurred to him then that perhaps this Memitim was close to his age; he froze again as he thought about that. He'd never met anyone like him that was HIS age other than Liv and Dodan...and he was fifteen years older than them. Vlasa was...older...and of course, his father and Elex and Cyrax were all older. He rubbed his arms, smiling a bit more. "You...d-don't live around here, d-do you?" I've never met you, at least.

Zygy didn't chase, not as long as Ryo didn't leave the Bench. He let him have some breathing space, having some restraint; though he was honestly amused by the reaction, and it made him want to poke at him. Just a bit.

"I'm from the Tenive mining complex, my first time really exploring Cruix! I love the Parks here they are amazing! All we have on Tenive are little half dead weed Trees." He spoke openly in a friendly tone, having no issue rambling random info about himself to a complete stranger.

His attention rounded back to the fact that Ryo had heard his last name before. It wasn't from what he could tell a common name, and Vlad didn't get around much so... "You have a family Member in the Coalition?" He asked curiously.

He was catching his breath, shifting lightly to relax. He hated this fear of contact, but he couldn't help it - it set him on edge. "Tenive, huh? I-I've heard it's an interesting p-planet, lots of s-stones and types of e-earth. And really? That's t-too bad." His eyes softened. "I l-like the trees and plants, they're s-soothing."

He tilted his head, nodding. "My d-dad. Fernando Taraji, A-Air and Space h-hair, long. Gold eyes l-like..." Not mine. I have black eyes, my father's eyes. Shivering, he tucked his chin. "A-And uncle Elex, h-he's Infantry." He added as an afterthought, remembering the green-haired Memitim he'd grown up with. He'd helped him a lot over the years.

"All the guys I know are from Trade" Zygy grinned not that he had the boy talking "There is Vlad my 'Guardian' who is really, really tall with Sparkly black hair and red-ish eyes. And then there is Enaev. He's like us, and has pearly stripes all over. He's also OCD and Annual and very little fun. It really pisses him off when I mention that he's Vlas's Girlfriend." His smiled broadly.
Song Birds and Magpies 01
By Gundamzero and Pureheart-169

Species and Characters (c) Their owners
pureheart-169 Dec 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dear all what have we unleashed XD

"HI I'M ZYGY." <- priceless
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